About Us


My name is Matthew Michel, and I'm the inventor of Whisk Wiper. Whisk Wiper was an idea that came to me when I was cleaning a whisk in my sink, wiping each loop between my fingers, one at a time. I wondered: why can't I wipe them all at once?

I made the first prototype out of automotive gasket in a cardboard mold and it still works great.  

Two patents were awarded with more pending. It turns out that this concept was unusually novel, making for very strong patent protection.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned! We have exciting Whisk Wiper updates planned for the future.

Matthew Michel, inventor of Whisk Wiper, celebrating the start of the first round of production with the crew of C&G Mercury Plastics.
Celebrating the start of Whisk Wiper production at C&G Plastics.